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The importance of measuring yourself

Apart from the satisfaction of knowing that you are achieving something measuring yourself is a great indicator of your health and well-being.  Below are some fantastic tools to help you keep track of your success.

Waist to hip ratio

Waist to hip ratio is fast becoming a calculation that medical professionals look at when assessing overall health.  People with excess fat around their midriff are more likely to suffer from heart related problems.  Simply measure your waist (The fullest part of your stomach between your belly button and hips)  and then measure your hips (The fullest part of your bottom to the front)  Compare the 2 and see how you score.



Body Mass Index (BMI) measurements are an indicator of the level of fat in your body.  While they are a good indication of the level, they do not take into account fitness level and muscle mass.  Your trainer can help you with further with other measurements.




At Witness the Fitness we give you a comprehensive and personal assessment of your measurements including but not limited to body fat analysis, visceral fat analysis, blood pressure, heart rate and much more.  


personal training wilmslow